Calvin’s Bio

Calvin McIntyre

Award winning bodybuilder & personal trainer

About Calvin

Calvin McIntyre, owns and operates two businesses in Petersburg, Virginia.  The first, Styles and Beyond, provides barber services and Bodies and Beyond, where fitness and gym services are provided 24 hours a day.

Calvin, born in North Carolina, moved to New York where he obtained a following for his barber skills.  He branched out and established his own shop, which employed 5 other barbers.  During this time he pursued his long time interest in natural bodybuilding. Calvin has always had a passion for working out, even as a teenager, where his dad made his first weight bench out of wood.

He became a certified fitness trainer in 1990 despite his schedule as a father of two, business owner and master barber. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, Calvin is  certified as a Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist.

Calvin Holds Many Bodybuilding Awards

Calvin trained under the tutelage of Master Trainer Ian Mercer, out of the 5th ave Bodybuilding Gym in Brooklyn NY. He has competed in multiple federations as an amateur and Pro bodybuilder. Today Calvin trains beginners to be competitors and seasoned competitors to become champions.

In Calvin’s words……“Bodybuilding is a major part of my life, win or lose…I’ll always love this game!!”

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